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My 100 Top Songs

on April 30, 2014

It’s time to be a little indulgent.  I saw a post on Facebook from friend the other day who said he’d seen a number of people list their top 100 songs.  He thought that was a little boring, and so proceeded to list his top 100 worst songs.  It got me thinking.  And the result of that thinking is the next three posts.

I’m first going to list my top 100 songs; then my 75 worst songs, followed by 75 fantastic covers.  I’m starting with my top 100, because it’s easiest.  Thinking of your favourite songs is a doddle – putting them in a top 100 is trickier. On the other hand, coming up with terrible songs is very difficult, because you tend to forget them.  And I love covers, so that’s a joy to prepare.  But more on those last two later.

My top 100 saw me come up with over 220 favourite songs.  I only had two rules in coming up with the list – no artist could appear twice (though songwriters could appear twice, and the same people in different bands was acceptable) and it had to be a ‘desert island’ list – things I couldn’t do without.  The latter rule lead me to include some ‘classic’ artists that might not have been there otherwise; both rules prevented me swamping the list with many songs by the same artist.  So there are some ‘honourable mentions’ (HM) below.  Here goes:

  1. Keane – Sovereign Light Cafe: nostalgic, optimistic, bright and set at the seaside.  Perfect Keane.  HMs – Perfect Symmetry, My Shadow, Snowed Under, On A Day Like Today
  2. Darius Rucker – This: country songs often have the most poignant lyrics.  This is the best example.
  3. KT Tunstall – Lost: inspired me in a difficult time; thumping beats in the middle section.  HMs – Carried, Saving My Face, The Entertainer
  4. Nerina Pallot –  Learning to Breathe: hit a chord recently; might be artificially high, but worthy of a top twenty place.  HM – Idaho
  5. A-ha – Summer Moved On (live): has to be the live version to include that 22 second note.  HMs – Out of Blue Comes Green, Analogue, Butterfly Butterfly, Scoundrel Days
  6. REM – Daysleeper: too many choices from REM, this is the pick of the crop from the ‘Up’ album. HMs – At My Most Beautiful, Fall On Me, Perfect Circle, The Great Beyond, Imitation of Life, Nightswimming
  7. Bloc Party – I Still Remember: the excitement of a relationship beginning; used at our wedding (a bit weird if you know the lyrics!) – HM – Sunday, Flux
  8. Deacon Blue – Loaded: the best from a great debut album, and many, many others miss the list because of the rule. HMs – Raintown, Turn, The Hipsters, The Wildness, Your Town
  9. Mt. Desolation – Annie Ford: the most heartbreaking song I know.
  10. Kate Rusby – Underneath the Stars: Rusby could sing the ingredients on a cereal packet and make it enchanting
  11. Take That – Patience HMs – Said It All, The Flood, Rule the World
  12. Coldplay – Life in Technicolour
  13. McIntosh Ross – Summer
  14. Tim Minchin – White Wine in the Sun  HM: The Fence
  15. Ricky Ross – The Further North You Go
  16. Lighthouse Family – High
  17. Toad the Wet Sprocket – The Moment HM – All I Want
  18. The Killers – Human HMs – Mr Brightside, Runaways, Bling
  19. Catatonia – Strange Glue
  20. Adele – Someone Like You
  21. The Smiths – What Difference Does it Make? HMs – Girl Afraid, Girlfriend in a Coma, Bigmouth Strikes Again
  22. Tori Amos – Jackies Strength HMs – Concertina, Northern Lad, Space Dog
  23. The Mission – Like a Child Again
  24. Vonda Shepherd and Emily Saliers – Baby, Don’t You Break My Heart Slow
  25. Communards – For a Friend
  26. Crowded House – Distant Sun
  27. Editors – Bricks and Mortar
  28. Pet Shop Boys – Flamboyant
  29. Train – Drops of Jupiter
  30. Del Amitri – Drunk in a Band
  31. Suzanne Vega – Gypsy
  32. Then Jerico – What Does it Take?
  33. 29 Palms – Mad to be Saved
  34. Peter Gabriel – A Different Drum
  35. Kathleen Edwards – Copied Keys
  36. Magne F – The Longest Night
  37. Sigur Ros – Saeglopur
  38. Savage Garden – Affirmation
  39. The Big Dish – Good Way
  40. The Adventures – Broken Land
  41. Robbie Williams – Come Undone
  42. Sting – Fields of Gold
  43. Cry Before Dawn – Gone Forever
  44. Oasis – Acquiese
  45. Chumbawamba – Homophobia
  46. Manic Street Preachers – Motorcycle Emptiness
  47. Madonna – What it feels like for a Girl (Perfecto Mix)
  48. Paula Cole – I Don’t Want to Wait
  49. Stereophonics – Dakota
  50. kd lang – Helpless
  51. River City People – I’m Still waiting
  52. Lorde – Team
  53. Kirsty MacColl – A New England
  54. Semisonic – Chemistry
  55. Playing at Trains – Lust
  56. Of Monster and Men – Little Talks
  57. Trisha Yearwood – I Hope You Dance
  58. Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit
  59. Suede – Animal Nitrate
  60. Love Affair – Everlasting Love
  61. Horse – Stay
  62. Hootie and the Blowfish – Time
  63. Gun – Shame on You
  64. Glenn Campbell – Any Trouble
  65. James Blunt – Same Mistake
  66. Fleetwood Mac – The Chain
  67. Counting Crows – Rain King
  68. John Denver – Annie’s Song
  69. Fat Lady Sings – Drunkard Logic
  70. Isley Brothers – This Ole Heart of Mine
  71. Goo Goo Dolls – Iris
  72. Eminem – Lose Yourself
  73. Elton John – Your Song
  74. Dixie Chicks – Taking the Long Way Round
  75. Dido – Take My Hand
  76. Cherry Ghost – People Help the People
  77. The Beatles – Ticket to Ride
  78. Alex Parks – Cry
  79. Amy MacDonald – Let’s Start a Band
  80. Avril Lavigne – I’m With You
  81. Brandon Flowers – Crossfire
  82. Bruce Springsteen – Radio Nowhere
  83. Carly Simon – Let The River Run
  84. Don Henley – Boys of Summer
  85. Elvis Presley – Marie’s the Name
  86. The Vaccines – Post Break-up Sex
  87. Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill
  88. Kim Wilde – Stone
  89. New Order – Regret
  90. Pearl Jam – Leash
  91. Beautiful South – Pretenders to the Throne
  92. Sarah Maclachlan – Angel
  93. U2 – Where the Streets Have No Name
  94. Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition
  95. Texas – Inner Smile
  96. The Bangles – I’ll Set You Free
  97. The Cure – In Between Days
  98. The Fray – Trust Me
  99. Thea Gilmore – London 
  100. ABBA – Eagle

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