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Virgin on the implausible – a letter to Virgin Trains

on August 14, 2012

Further to yesterday’s post, I’ve today written to Virgin Trains, along with enclosing a copy of the blog and various receipts.  This is what the letter said:

Dear Sir or Madam,

Please find enclosed my tickets and reservations from a recent return trip between London and Lancaster.  Both of these journeys were exceedingly uncomfortable owing to your awful trains, (which I have commented on in previous claims, but see no improvements), and both legs ran late, the outward leg (on which I didn’t even reach my destination with you) by three and a half hours.

I have also included a copy of my blog entry about the trip, which I have left on my Facebook page and tweeted to @richardbranson, @virgintrains and the travel journalist Christian Wolmar.  I have sent a link to the blog to Theresa Villiers MP, Secretary of State for Transport, in light of today’s laughable news that rail fares are going up again next year.

As well as the refund of the fare,  I am seeking compensation for the additional food I had to buy on the heavily delayed outward leg, and for my fathers petrol costs at a rate of 0.40p/mile, which is a business standard.  Naturally, I don’t expect any sympathy for the claim, but here’s an opportunity to surprise me.  Hence,
(a) Cost of rail ticket: £84.10
(b) Cost of food/drink purchased: £8.18 (receipt contained in outward leg claim only)
(c) Cost of petrol: 70 miles @ 0.40 = £28.00

Please note that because your compensation process requires a different envelope for each individual journey, I’m sending two copies of everything to you, so thanks for that, too.

I look forward to your fleetingly considered response.

I’ll let you know what comes back.


2 responses to “Virgin on the implausible – a letter to Virgin Trains

  1. Jesse Honey says:

    Don’t worry, they’ve just lost the franchise!

  2. bethsaysboo says:

    They have just lost the franchise, but First Great Western have similar problems on long distance services with cramming people into their carriages, overcrowding at peak times, reliability and when they ordered new trains for their routes – the Adelante – they were tinny, too small and unreliable when it came to running near the sea. Reading station is a bottleneck that they’ve been unable to do anything about and, again, there’s no competition for the route. My hopes are not raised. However, they do at least have access to bus companies which, you’d think would allow some emergency planning when the trains go awry, and they run relatively successful suburban trains.

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