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Hoping for a bit of drizzle

on July 24, 2012

An so the weather in this country lumbers from cold, miserable and dreary to burning heat in a matter of minutes like a shower with a dodgy thermostat.  Or, in fact, a shower.

Now, the hot weather has been greeted across the board with pretty much open arms.  There are pictures all over the media of people on beaches, swimming, having fun, eating ice cream and looking jolly fantastic.  But I want the rain back.

There are lots of crappy things about this country, but by far the worst is the weather.  All I ask for is a chill in the winter, warmth in the summer, but a modicum of rain in the former and a modicum of sun in the latter.  It surely can’t be that hard.  But no, the weather swings from ridiculous extremes.

And I much prefer the stupid rain.  Whilst most people seem to welcome the heat, I hate it for many reasons.  Here are some….sweat, poorly ventilated commuter trains, the smell and discomfort on trains caused by sweat and poorly ventilated commuters, insects/ants, hayfever, the debilitating sapping of energy, sun burn, terrible fashion, sand stuck on sun-creamed arms, bad circulation in hot offices/homes, too many obese people with too much flesh hanging out, too few attractive people with too much flesh hanging out, children that can’t sleep…

So, let’s have some sun without the temperature, or a nice bit of drizzle.



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