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Right there with you, mothersucker!

on July 5, 2012

There’s a new breed of protester in town, and they’re angry.  All power to the new lactivist, mothersucker!  Welcome, the breastfeeding mum…

But what is it that has got this group riled?  Apparently, 200 women gathered in Bristol this week outside of a cafe that seemingly banned a mother from breastfeeding.  Allegedly, she was told, in no uncertain terms, not to get her tits out again.  Clearly, the shop owner had not counted on the power of this group of people, or heard of the political clout of mumsnet, and before they knew it, a bosom of mums was protesting about the banning of the breast.
And I’m right there with them.  Not only is this the 21st Century, for chrissakes, not only do we not tolerate this sort of discriminatory behaviour against anyone, but breastfeeding is largely considered the best and most beneficial way to prepare our young kids for a long and healthy life.  What could be more progressive and accommodating that allowing mothers to feed their kids wherever they want without fear of some, ahem, tit telling them to stop?.  After all, bringing up baby is challenge enough without accounting for the problems encountered outside the home, like getting them round and about our cities and towns, with their narrow spaces, stairs, escalators, revolving doors, and dealing with people frightened of nipples.
Apparently, the cafe in question has said that it was all a big misunderstanding, which is very convenient and also a bit late.  More power to the lactivist, and may their causes prosper.

5 responses to “Right there with you, mothersucker!

  1. papaleach says:

    It’s not a new phenomenon….My grandmother told me she was haranged for feeding her baby on the top deck of the omnibus.
    Unfortunately there is are serious worries abroad of another kind, affecting the confidence of feeding mothers. See the article on Breasts in Guardian of 16th June, on which subject I am preparing a post with reactions of my own. papaleach

  2. bethsaysboo says:

    This is the article referred to in the earlier comment. Sounds like a problem of our society and our happy use of chemicals in everything, rather than one directly attributable to breast milk per se, but worrying for parents. If breast milk is so contaminated (and I’d love to see a retort to some of the accusations in the article), why should we trust formula milk if it is a product of the lab, and the lab is such a dangerous place longer term? A dilemma indeed.

  3. Babymother says:

    Please tell me you thought up the term ‘lactivist’! Brilliant. I liked mothersucker too.

  4. Richard says:

    Sadly, I thought of neither. I did come up with a bosom of mothers, though.

  5. Babymother says:

    That also wasn’t bad. Few synonyms for breast were left untouched, in fact. Hmm, that was not a good turn of phrase…

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