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Jesus Christ

on April 27, 2012

Today was one of the harder days I have to face. Don’t get me wrong; my problems are all of the middle class persuasion.  I don’t have to starve or fight for water or cross minefields to get my kids to school.  Hey, but Fridays are a challenge.

Now I work from home, three days a week, with Toots at nursery for two, Friday sees me at home with my wife and two kids.  I’m torn between the need to make money and the need to help out as my wife finds Bub clamped to her breasts half the time and Bub screaming about needing food for the remainder. Not to mention Toots running riot as she seeks the attention from her mum that she cannot give because of all the breasts and the screaming. I pretty much feel the urge to work countered by the urge to help out all day, but find myself generally rooted to the office chair, albeit a bit stressed.

After the challenging aspects of the day had ended with the kids in bed, my wife and I ate and had some wine.  It was, after all, a middle class Friday night.  She passed me the, ‘North Central London Maternity Services Guide: What to expect after the birth of your baby, 2012-13’, which, she said, had a bit for men.  ‘A bit’, was true – a quarter of a page in a 16 page booklet.  Some suggestions for helping out included, ‘many areas where you can really help.  Here are just some suggestions: cooking; shopping; helping with cleaning; attending to the baby’

Jesus Christ.


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